More than robots!

FTC Registration

Welcome to the FIRST Tech Challenge!

Please note: All FTC/ARL Teams must notify with your team number after you pay the registration fee!  We will be opening our event up to non-ARL teams but want to be sure that all ARL teams have registration priority at this Sunday tournament.

The FIRST Tech Challenge Registration System is opens in May of every year for the next school year’s season.

Please take the time to read through the system and answer all required fields. There are a few frequently asked questions that have been answered below. Please read them carefully.

1. Registration

  • Go to our registration web site:
  • If you are a returning team, log in and select the team you would like to register.
  • If you are a new team, follow the instructions to create a login.
    • A login and password will be emailed to you
    • Use login and password to access registration site
    • Create a new team
  • Complete all the required fields /*hint: required fields have an X next to them/.
  • When the required fields are completed, follow the “Program Fee” link to complete your registration /*hint: the “Program Fee” link is near the bottom of the page. /
  • When your registration has been paid, a link under “Order Kit” will become active.
  • Follow that link for ordering information.
    • Paid teams can place orders for Kits immediately
    • Kits will ship in August
    • You may request an invoice be sent to you prior to the kit ship date

2. Registration Fee
Please be aware, you **_must_**pay the registration fee before you will be able to purchase a new kit or compete in any events.

3. Kit of Parts

  • The new kit will include everything teams need to compete in FTC including a complete metal set, controller, 11 motors, 10 sensors, gaming controllers, rechargeable batteries including chargers, and software packages including classroom licenses for NXT-G, RobotC and LabView.