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Teams in the Adventist Robotics League can be made up of 3-10 members and one or more coaches. The team members can be in grades 5 – 8 or in grades 9 – 12.

This deviates slightly from FIRST’s team configuration (with their permission). We prefer teams to be entirely grades 5-8 or 9-12 but we understand the sometimes there has to be some crossover due to the realities at the team location.

What you need to get started

Besides eager kids and a willing coach, teams require a place to meet and a few needs within that site. A team needs:

  • Room to meet as a group
  • Space for the 8’x4′ playing field
  • Secure storage for robot set, mission models, and partially assembled robots
  • Computer & internet access for programming and research
  • Valid e-mail address for the Coach to receive info from FLL throughout Challenge season


This sample budget illustrates the required and some optional costs. A general estimate of principle costs for a new team is $700, and $400 for returning teams. Principle costs do not include extras such as team buttons, shirts, travel, etc. The Registration Information page in the Team Community area has detailed information on registration and product costs.

Participation in an FLL event is not included in registration costs and it is not guaranteed. Regional sponsorship subsidize event participation fees for teams sponsored by Seventh-day Adventist school or churches . The event participation fee for non-sponsored will vary from event to event, but is generally $50-$150 per team.

Please note that all costs may vary from season to season.

How to Start on FLL Team

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