More than robots!


The exploration of the Challenge theme and the development of a research project is a critical part of the overall FLL experience.

FLL is not just about building and competing with robots. FIRST encourages well-rounded teams because any successful engineering project requires a wide variety of skills. Through the project research, teams learn more about the science behind the Challenge theme and better understand the work of professionals in that field. Teams will encounter challenges similar to those faced by scientists and engineers as they identify a problem and develop an innovative solution. Exposure to these fields of science and related professions open kids’ eyes to future career choices where they can make a positive difference to society.

Note: In order to be eligible for project awards at qualifying and championship tournaments, your presentation must explain how you completed all three parts of the project: identify a problem, create a solution, share

Consult the Project Rubric in the FIRST LEGO League Coaches’ Handbook for more information. The total length of your project presentation should be no more than five minutes, including any set-up time.

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