Nature’s Fury

FLL Fury Logo SMCan FIRST® LEGO® League teams help us master natural disasters?  In the 2013 NATURE’S FURY℠ Challenge, over 200,000 children ages 9 to 14 from over 70 countries will explore the awe-inspiring storms, quakes, waves and more that we call natural disasters. Teams will discover what can be done when intense natural events meet the places people live, work, and play.  Brace yourself for NATURE’S FURY!

FLL challenges kids to think like scientists and engineers.  During NATURE’S FURY teams will build, test, and program an autonomous robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS® to solve a set of missions in the Robot Game.  They will also choose and solve a real­world problem in the Project.  Throughout their experience, teams will operate under FLL’s signature set of Core Values Core Values.


Dean Kamen – More than Robots

Choosing and Registering for a Challenge

We currently operate several events around the country (see Regions).  When you register your team you are not automatically registered for a Challenge Event.  We will do our best to find you and be sure that you are included, but please help us.  With over 10,000 FLL teams world wide in the registration system it may be easy to miss one of our teams and we don’t want you to miss out.

Once you have registered your team with FLL it is time to decide which event you want to attend.  See the Calendar for a list of events and their locations.  For most of you the choice will be obvious due to travel distances.  Event registration is done through the FLL Registration System.  But please go the extra mile: Once you have decided on an event, please e-mail the Regional Coordinator for that event and give them your  FLL team number so they can be sure to include your team in their event planning.